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Trial Lesson for the Curious Mind

  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • 1890 Sooke Lake Road, Shawnigan Lake

Everything you need to know

Are you curious about Force-Free Horsemanship, but are not ready to commit to a full training plan? Then this trial lesson is for you! This one-time lesson allows you to gain an understanding of the system and principles that Leslie's Force Free Horsemanship is based on. By booking this single lesson you can explore a new training approach guilt-free, and without having to worry about committing to a long-term training plan or a specific goal. Come see what it's all about and find out if this approach is right for you and your horse!


Force Free horsemanship is more than just a training method it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle encompassing everything around you and your horse.

Beginning to work with a Force Free approach is a Journey that will impact the way you see Horses, the equestrian world, and your relationship with your equine partner. 

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