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Thank you For your Interest!

Force Free Horsemanship is not suitable for every individual.

In order for me to ensure that you and your horse will be successful on this journey please answer the following questions.

Once I receive your answers I will contact you and we can set up your first session!

Which Program are you interested in joining?
Do you understand that one of the main principles of Force Free Horsmanship is to maxmize our horses freedom to choose? This includes training, but also in daily handling, and management
Do you understand that In order to be Force Free, our horses management has to be species appropriate? The 3 F's and The 5 Freedoms must be in place.
Do you understand that when we start to give our horse(s) the freedom to choose, our horse(s) may not respond in the way that we hope, expect or would like to?
How willing are you to put you own desires on hold if they do not match what your horse chooses?
How willing are you to stop riding temporarily if it were something your horse would say "no" to?
How ready do you feel to gain new perspectives about horsemanship and the Human-Horse Relationship?
How ready do you feel to challenge your relationship with your own horse?
How ready to you feel to step out of your comfort zone with your horsemanship?
How ready do you feel to gain new insights into your own character?
Start my Journey!

Thank you! I will contact you soon :)

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