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Introductory to Positive Reinforcement

  • 120 Canadian dollars
  • 1890 Sooke Lake Road, Shawnigan Lake

Everything you need to know

Have you been interested in trying out positive reinforcement, but are unsure where to start? This course is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to successfully start your journey into positive reinforcement training. Positive reinforcement is immensely powerful, and such an incredibly beneficial way to teach. Horses who are taught in this manner become more interactive with people and their environment, give more "try" and enthusiasm in their training and have lower reactivity and fear. Using positive reinforcement also gives us as trainers a whole new way to teach, tasks that were previously unthinkable are now effortless, and "problem behaviours", such as fear of trailering, needle shyness, separation anxiety, trouble catching and unable to stand, become easier to solve. The course is held every Friday for 6 weeks. In it we will discuss: -Safely introducing food rewards to your horse. -How to use food rewards to effectively train new behaviours or strengthen previously taught ones. -How to overcome unwanted behaviours using positive reinforcement -The current Science and how it relates to equine behaviour and learning. -Specific behaviours, such as targeting, that are essential to positive reinforcement training, and how to teach them. -How positive reinforcement can help you build a stronger relationship with your equine partner. This course will include theory discussions as well as practical applications. Participants will have a chance to practice the theory discussed in the classroom with their assigned lesson horses of the farm.


Force Free horsemanship is more than just a training method it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle encompassing everything around you and your horse.

Beginning to work with a Force Free approach is a Journey that will impact the way you see Horses, the equestrian world, and your relationship with your equine partner. 

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