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Introduction to Liberty

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Everything you need to know

Liberty is nearly synonymous with Force-Free Horsemanship, as most of our work is already done without any tack and with the freedom of choice. However, this program allows you to build more fun and playful behaviours at liberty, focusing on strengthening your connection and communication to your horse while building the ability to follow directions from the ground. Graduates of this program will be able to join the Advanced Liberty Program. In this program you will learn: -Leading at Liberty -Sending away -Recall -Stationing -Around the barrel Prerequisites: Completion of the Introduction to Force-Free Horsemanship program (Or) Proficiency in the following skills/behaviours: •Default Neutral •Target •Cones


Force Free horsemanship is more than just a training method it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle encompassing everything around you and your horse.

Beginning to work with a Force Free approach is a Journey that will impact the way you see Horses, the equestrian world, and your relationship with your equine partner. 

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