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Complete Cooperative Vet Care

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Everything you need to know

The vet can be a scary & stressful experience for many horses. but it doesn't have to be that way! Giving your horse the opportunity to be an active participant in veterinary procedures, allowing them to opt in or out of procedures, rather than just teaching them to tolerate the procedures, has been shown to lessen fear and stress while increasing their confidence during these vital procedures. The Program includes 12 Sessions and we will cover the following skills: •How to incorporate Start Buttons to give your horse more ways to communicate “yes” and “no” •How to Practice for Vet visits •How to teach your horse the following skills using positive reinforcement and in a manner which allows for the horse to opt in & out: -Flyspray -IM Injections -IV Injections/Blood draws -Deworming -Teeth checks -Eye checks -Ear checks -Foot Soaks -First Aid (Check temperature, pulse, respiratory) Prerequisite: Completion of the Introduction to Force-Free Horsemanship program (Or) Proficiency in the following skills/behaviours: •Default Neutral •Target •Station


Force Free horsemanship is more than just a training method it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle encompassing everything around you and your horse.

Beginning to work with a Force Free approach is a Journey that will impact the way you see Horses, the equestrian world, and your relationship with your equine partner. 

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