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This course can no longer be booked.

Junior Animal Trainer 101

  • 120 Canadian dollars
  • 1890 Sooke Lake Road, Shawnigan Lake

Everything you need to know

This 6 week introductory course is perfect for kids who have a love & interest in animals, it will teach them how to interact with animals, how to communicate with them, take care of the animals needs and how to teach the animal everything from fun tricks to essential skills. The Kids will learn with a variety of animals, including Goats, Horses, & Chickens. Working with animals that do not speak our human language is incredibly powerful, it can teach us emotional self-regulation, empathy, patience, how to communicate with another being in a force-free manner, our understanding of consent and how to utilize consent with animals and each other. Students will not just learn step-by-step methodology, but they will also learn the principles behind training, so that they will be able to apply their knowledge to any and all animals and even people in the future. The course will include: - Basic Animal Handling skills, - Safety around large & small animals, - How to read different animal body language - Learn about the different social structures of animals, in what way they differ from humans and in what ways they are similar - Basic Daily Caretaking tasks that keep our animals healthy while strengthening the human-animal bond. - How to teach basic handling & health care behaviours that are essential to the animals welbeing. - How to teach fun tricks, that are for the enrichment and enjoyment of both animal and human. - How to gain an animals trust towards humans in a force-free manner. Students that graduate can enroll into Junior Animal Trainer 102


Force Free horsemanship is more than just a training method it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle encompassing everything around you and your horse.

Beginning to work with a Force Free approach is a Journey that will impact the way you see Horses, the equestrian world, and your relationship with your equine partner. 

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