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Leslie Rohr

Changing the way we start our future equine partners

Growing up in Switzerland Leslie's passion for horses started when she was just a year old, with the first time sitting on a horse at a fair. For a long time, her love for horses was limited to lessons and collecting every horse book she could find. 

When she moved to Canada at 13, her dream of owning her first horse came true, and then just a short time after, Chipsy, her first untouched weanling came into her life. Starting horses became her passion, and with an ever-expanding mindset she now wants to help others train and start their horses with force free methods.

Leslie Horsemanship

A good leader is confident, empathetic and leads by example.

At Leslie Horsemanship we believe that empathic training, species-appropriate welfare and a focus on facilitating the human-horse relationship, is what brings us closer to our equine partners. We follow LIMA, using Positive Reinforcement to ensure our horses aren't just content with training, but also love it.

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