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Welcome to
Leslies Force Free

Training horses using a force free approach,
while prioritizing the human-horse relationship


From the very beginning, everything we teach using force-free methods is done at Liberty. True Liberty is giving your horse absolute freedom, no coercion, no force  and the horse still choosing to engage with their human partner. Explore how to get true engagement from your horse.

Colt Starting

Start or restart your horse with methods that allow them the choice to learn, and become enthusiastic, willing participants.

 From untouched to ridden with force-free, reward-based methods that facilitate a genuine relationship with your horse based on trust.

Problem solving

No matter whether it is trailer loading, standing for the vet, bucking, biting or refusing to lift their feet for the farrier, a Force-Free,  rewards-based approach is a safe, effective and refreshing new approach to changing unwanted behavio. 

Training Programs

Whether it is colt starting, problem solving, retraining or relationship building, learn the philosophy, techniques and science behind force free methods in a personal, one-on-one lesson format.



If you live outside of my service area, have a training or management question, or are trying to work through a training issue, there are a  variety of options available for you. 

Mindful Professional Certified


Zoë & Danya Hillyard

I found a trainer that shares our belief in force free training, mutual respect and connection… after only a few visits we have found a whole new level of joy! And [have] learned a whole new level of horsemanship!

Kayla Balfour

I’ve always had a dream of raising my own baby horse, but never believed it would be possible as I lack the experience and knowledge- after a couple lessons not only did I believe I had the capability, but had this kindled wonderment for all the possibilities that I might explore. This place was my aha moment! 

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